Client Story: Little Miss Nervous

A lovely story from our 9 year old client.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Sophie. One day she got very nervous, and then a little girl appeared in her stomach. The little girl in her stomach made her feel even more nervous, so even when she was having fun she still felt nervous.

The little girl in her stomach’s name was Little Miss Nervous, and Little Miss Nervous was always nervous. She was always nervous because she was the nervous feeling and Sophie did not know how to get rid of her.

One day when Sophie woke up, Honey Suckle and Lotus Flower said to her that they were going to talk to Little Miss Nervous to try and reason with her to not make Sophie feel nervous. So they shrunk themselves down and went to talk to Little Miss Nervous inside of Sophie.

They said, “Hi Little Miss Nervous. You’re making Sophie feel nervous about everything and Sophie doesn’t really like feeling nervous all the time.”

Little Miss Nervous said, “Why doesn’t she like feeling nervous all the time? You always have to be extremely cautious.”

And then Honey and Lotus said, “It’s okay to feel nervous when something bad is happening, but you shouldn’t have to feel nervous when you’re having fun. Sophie is trying to get rid of you so that you and her don’t feel nervous when you’re having fun.”

Honey and Lotus went back out of Sophie and made themselves big again. They told Sophie what had happened, and told her of a way she could get rid of Little Miss Nervous. Sophie listened and then tried the way they had suggested.

She picked up her bubble mixture that she’d got from Sek and then she blew some bubbles, big pink bubbles.

Suddenly they saw Little Miss Nervous in one of the big pink bubbles. She was smiling because she was having fun floating in bubbles and didn’t feel nervous anymore.

Little Miss Nervous had learnt her lesson and knew she didn’t have to feel nervous all the time, thanks to Honey and Lotus.

Now Sophie feels so much better and has learnt the same lesson as Little Miss Nervous. She doesn’t feel nervous all the time anymore either.

The End!

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